Elect S.N. Tinto "Rocky" for Mayor Elect S.N. Tinto Rocky for Mayor of Port St Lucie, FL

I'm running for Mayor of Port St Lucie because I care about the city and all of its residents. The city of Port St Lucie has been through some tough times over the last few years. Its time for some long over due changes.

My Campaign Priorities

Our City Needs

Port St Lucie Needs Innovation, Industry & Education.
Our community need's jobs, better schools for our children. The city need's more sidewalks so our kids do not have wait for the school bus in the street.

We have all seen kids hit by cars & trucks on our local news. It's not fair to any family to lose a child waiting for a school bus or just walking home from a friends house because the people elected by the residents of Port St Lucie have not fully addressed how to keep our kids safe.

The City of Port St Lucie needs more streetlights, speed tables on some of our residential streets near schools and parks.

We need to address how to utilize the community center and parks so everyone that lives in this city can have a safe place to spend their time off work with there friends and family.

Civic centers and parks also provide intrinsic environmental, aesthetic, and recreation benefits to our city. They are also a source of positive economic benefits. They enhance property values, increase municipal revenue, bring in homebuyers and workers, and attract retirees.

Understanding the economic impacts of parks and city centers can help decision makers better evaluate the use and maintenance of our cities parks and public lands.


We need to change the school time "825" Lets start school at 8:00am & end at 5:00pm for all schools, then from 3:00pm to 5:00pm this will allow the student do the homework in the school and keep the kids from being one there own and possible getting into mischief. This allows 8 to 9 hours for time for parents that work.

Public Assistance

If parents earn a reasonable wage they should be able feed their children and not be dependant on government assistance.

Food stamps and welfare is not the answer, don't get me wrong, a pregnant woman, people who are physically or mentally unable to work and considered disabled should be qualified for public assistance.

Even hardworking people with children that just can not make ends meet may be entitled to some sort of short term assistance along with vocational training so they can make a better wage and no longer need public assistance to feed there kids.


The corporate world is taking advantage of our residents in St Lucie county by not offering fulltime employment, so employees cannot get health care insurance, retirement benefits like many full time employees are entitled to. This practice hurts our city and residents.

Corporations that pay there employees under table also hurt Port St Lucie's economy and residents. It directly affects government’s ability to fund public services such as education, public safety, and human services. It also undercuts legitimate private businesses. It is imperative especially in hard economic times for our city government to take action by holding tax cheats accountable.

Lets build mills & factory's to create new jobs. Lets train our kids & people the skills needed to survive and build a vocational training center. Lets builds our community just like what our forefathers did to build this country .

Make your vote count this election! Support S.N. Tinto "Rocky" for Mayor!


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